Black & White selfie of the author with her hair blowing in front of most of her face, with cool arches in the background.

Crystal Torres

wants to be a writer when she grows up

I’m a transplanted Valley Girl, a former Bluebird, a child of science fiction fandom, a faire brat, a happy camper, an asthmatic hiker, a wannabe photographer, a compulsive doodler, a crunchy hippie mama, a nontraditional student, and a roller derby enthusiast. I am always down for dancing and other adventures.

With music and coffee anything is possible.

Fun fact: I am a terrible actress and that doesn’t stop me from playing dress up and make believe, every chance I get. This has somehow gotten me an imdb page of my very own, which I in no way deserve, but will celebrate every chance I get.

My uncredited moment of fame as an extra on House – S6 E17 Knight Fall

I enjoy my claims that I am The Crystal Torres. I am the writer, Crystal Torres. I am the actress, Crystal Torres. I am the artist, Crystal Torres.

But if you’re looking for the musician, Crystal Torres (who I have befriended and can vouch for as an awesome person worthy of sharing my name) she’s got her own website: https://www.crystaltheindigo.com/

I love to take a photograph…